Reason Why Female Nigerian Musicians Are Easily Expendable Except A Handful

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Written by Ayomide

From the beginning there has been a long predisposition against ladies in music (female artists), they are constantly regarded as extremely disposable. Also, which is all well and good, female performers appear to have a shorter vocation than their male partners originating from clear reasons, for example, parenthood, conjugal status, age (when the sexual interest progressively wears off) and so on. Sooner or later in time they are not so much sellable but rather more of an obligation for record names to continue putting resources into.

All things considered, there is extremely no paranoid notion against female performers it is tragically how it is. Most exceedingly bad still the life expectancy of female craftsman in Nigeria is clearly more slender than those of her remote partners. It doesn’t come as a stun that no female Nigerian craftsman has commended 10 dynamic years in front of an audience.

And still, after all that, truthfully the main part of our female artists are failing to meet expectations, just maybe 2 or 3 have emerged of the group.

Putting 2017 in full perspective, female Nigerian musicians failed to give their male counterparts a run for their money. Somehow the trio of Niniola, Simi and Tiwa Savage managed to shine through. Most laudable among the aforementioned female artists would have to be Tiwa Savage.


Perhaps her enviable work ethic and prominence led US rapper Fat Joe refer to her as the ‘African Beyonce’.  None of her female colleagues have done enough (musically or otherwise) to dare rival her for the title of the queen of Nigerian music and by extension she is still the queen of African music. Despite all the odds and fast changing dynamics in the Nigerian music industry the mother of one has kepon shattering glass ceilings.

What is it that other female Nigerian artists are not doing well?    


Without mincing words I can draw a conclusion that 90 percent of the females on the Nigerian music scenery are very complacent.

Cambridge online dictionary defines complacency as “a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder.” Often times, the female folks in music get to attain certain level of accolades and achievement and they settle in and get too comfortable with themselves. Suddenly it becomes evident their work is lacking fervour and creativity. For example a certain female artist ‘blew up’ with a certain type of music and since then she has stuck with the now stale pattern  of music. Evolving to something better is a problem with the females in music.

Suddenly some go MIA or AWOL

As soon as one begins to suddenly enjoy these female musicians they suddenly go missing in action or away without official leave. Those who fall into this category are so much some have turned ‘little breaks’ to retirement. The Sasha Ps,  Mo Cheddahs, Munas KSBs etc., have all rested their music careers without mentioning. For some marriage comes into the picture and they syddenly lose steam and momentum. How would the females give their male counterparts a run for their money with this laissez faire work rate?

Not Enough Collaboration With Male Colleagues

One of the reasons most female artists are washed up is mainly because of the fact that they don’t get to work together enough with their male counterparts. The top female acts have great working relationship with the guys. Simi has good working relationship with her producers – mostly males, fellow colleagues like Falz, Adekunle Gold, Davido, Praiz etc. Tiwa Savage is a diva with the demeanor of a Tom boy,  she easily mingles with the male folks in the industry.

Regardless of the above reasons expressed, there are likewise numerous more factors why it appears to be female music acts are second fiddle to their male partners and effectively nonessential.

The famous account that female craftsmen work twofold to get half of what the male music act get is quick getting to be buzzword. The devotion appeared by male specialists is gigantic subsequently the enormous impact the weild with music and past. The women just need to put in more endeavors and dynamism into their art to remain significant and in the news.

After painstakingly looking at Tiwa Savage ostensibly the most compelling female music carries on of Africa. The accompanying evaluation can be made for a solid frame and execution.

  • The 38-year-old singer does not rest on her oars, her work rate is phenomenal.
  • She has surrounded herself with the best minds.
  • Tiwa Savage doesn’t fit a stereotype, she adapts, experiments and evolves.
  • The Roc Nation signed artist has a super cool working relationship with her male counterparts. She puts herself out there.



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