Here Is Why Adekunle Gold Is Doing A Lot Better Than Lil Kesh

Adekunle Gold Is Doing A Lot Better Than Lil Kesh
Written by Ayomide

Once in a while making music ought not be controlled by the introduction of another pattern or what style and stream is as of now in vogue. Indeed patterns can be viral, cosmic and even blown past creative ability, be that as it may, it gradually leans back like a setting sun into the dim. Only one day you wake up and you’re blur up with it and unto the following enormous thing.

After Olamide set up his self possessed record mark YBNL and was instantly doing incredible for himself as a pathfinder. Not exactly long the rapper and sometimes artist chose to grow past himself and marked a couple new folks on the square. Among the new young men expedited load up Lil Kesh and Adekunle Gold got our consideration inside a brief timeframe. The course they ventured out to melodic fame was extraordinary.


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Lil Kesh talent fascinated his former boss Olamide after the later supposedly listened to his first professional single ‘Lyrically’. No doubt his kind of talent would definitely pull the attention of his fellow Bariga bred artiste and senior colleague Baddo. A guy with street consciousness, who raps in his indigenous Yoruba dialect was truly a catch for Olamide. ‘Lyrically’ was dope but Lil Kesh’s real music breakthrough came on the wings of a predominant sound ‘Shoki’.

Then your song had to be danceable the ‘shoki’ style to stand a chance to become a hit. Lil Kesh’s ‘Shoki’ was good but a remix with hot boy Davido was truly a game changer. From then on Lil Kesh gradually became a household name, Shoki was nearly bigger than Lil Kesh himself. It didn’t take long before he was tipped as the next best thing as well as competing for awards.

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Meanwhile, Adekunle Gold broke grounds when he added his ‘Nigerianess’ to his cover of defunct boy band One Direction song ‘Story Of My Life’. Nigerian music lovers almost instantly fell in love with Adekunle Gold’s cover ‘Sade’. The soundtrack may have been familiar but the singer splash his gold dust on the song and we loved it even though we would still dance shoki. This Adekunle Gold’s sound which flirts between high life and alternative music wasn’t mainstream at the time. The sound wasn’t born out of a trend but of deliberate effort. ‘Sade’ opened doors even then Adekunle further cemented his presence with his kind of music with follow up singles like ‘Orente’, ‘Pick Up’ etc. Here he was Kunle Kosoko aka Adekunle Gold making hits while being different.


Since parting ways with YBNL the reality is that becoming a label boss may not be exactly easy for Lil Kesh & Adekunle even though their former boss Olamide may have made it look like cake.

The truth on ground is that Lil Kesh has endured a little plunge after he separated authority contract ties with YBNL. It’s presently clear Olamide steadied his cruising ship and gave it an intentional heading. Lil Kesh is simply grabbing his way through things these day. Then again, Adekunle Gold has made a smooth progress into being autonomous and his own particular manager. Reality might be in the way that Adekunle has figured out how to cut a specialty for himself and step by step transforming into his own virtuoso which isn’t a similar thing for Lil Kesh. Generally tunes from Kesh post-YBNL are not consider. The rapper doesn’t appear to have discovered his uniqueness despite the fact that he makes music for the ‘road’.

Here Is Why Adekunle Gold Is Doing A Lot Better Than Lil Kesh


Artists’ Personal Branding & Image

One thing that most have guaranteed Adekunle Gold appreciated a consistent and hitch free change from being marked to a record name and from there on turning into a manager is to a great extent because of his picture. The ‘Cash’ crooner since his days at YBNL had figured out how to keep an exceptional and clean symbolism for himself. You didn’t have to look too far to see his development dribble through his persona. He has his exceptional ‘adire’ type dress style which he gladly enhances. His music doesn’t go over to an audience as razz and classless. Then, Kesh who is the honcho of YAGI records is unique in relation to his previous mark mate. Adolescent extravagance still radiates through Lil Kesh from mold style to the sort of music he makes. On the off chance that a multinational brand required a blurb kid for a battle you know who the decision would be.

Artists’ Unique Sound

As earlier mentioned Lil Kesh has not mastered his unique kind of street music. He still plays along the level of offered by street hop music. Kesh is yet to fully harness and own his sound when it comes to indigenous and street music. His music is mostly built around a fad or trend which often get out of style.

Adekunle Gold is amongst the new breed of artists who have made Nigerians begin listening to a subtle genre or alternative music. His sound is very African, unique and deep.  It’s a given you’ll always have music with good lyrical content from Adekunle. Most importantly the golden man knows his stage craft, he puts up a great performance during live performance.

Artists’ Lyrical Content & Storyline

Vulgarity and shallow lyrical depth is closely related with Lil Kesh’s music. Most of the times there is no real story told through his songs. His music always leaves much to be desired.

Adekunle Gold comes from a rare breed of artists who put in work writing songs. His music is one that speaks to you even after a long while. The message stays relevant, there is always a story behind his songs.

Making trendy music or music born out of trending culture or sound is cool but an artist who over indulges risks being easily forgotten. A musician must always find a way to live forever with his music and doesn’t come by indulging trends or new obsession

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