Here Is The True Story Behind Davido’s Jet, He Lied

davido jet 11 - Here Is The True Story Behind Davido’s Jet, He Lied
Written by Ayomide

Davido who announced last week on social media that he was about to the the proud owner of a private jet has just been called out by a a Nigerian media outlet (Read Here)

Davido had earlier revealed that the said jet would be arriving Nigeria in the coming weeks but it seems that may be far from the truth.

The Capital reports that Davido didn’t buy any private jet.

According to the news outlet:-

davido jet 11 - Here Is The True Story Behind Davido’s Jet, He Lied

Our source has only uncovered that what Davido went on air to declare is really “fragmentary proprietorship” in which his budgetary duty in the course of action is pitiful while the significant agents have played down their contribution to give Davido surrendered conspicuousness.

As indicated by our source, they broke the News asserting Davido claims the private fly just to make him extremely bankable in the showbiz business and to utilize his impact in maki

ng the Biz a win

This arrangement is to present Davido as a viable brand with a view to cornering lucrative deals from multinational businesses, countries and other foreign entities.

The guys at the vanguard of the jet ownership narrative are said to have agreed on a sharing formula with Davido when the deals start coming in.

The jet upon delivery would be deployed to Davido’s peripatetic needs and those of others in need of it.

The Capital has exclusively obtained information revealing a good number of Nigerians on this membership plan but whom have been reported to be jet owners.



Davido should learn how to slow things down.

To Summarize this News, A Company actually owned the jet but they decided to use Davido to front for their Aviation business because of his fame.

Davido has a little amount in the purchase of the Jet and he owns a very few percentage in the business.

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