First time in 21 yrs, Two graduates make first class in OAU’s English Department

2 Best Student - First time in 21 yrs, Two graduates make first class in OAU's English Department
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Both Kehinde Lawal and Roheemah Arogundade graduated with 4.56 CGPA.

Two female alumni of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) have supposedly broken the 21-yr-old curse of no five star graduate at the foundation’s English Department.

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The alumni, Kehinde Lawal and Roheemah Arogundade completed with 4.56 CGPA.

As per Premium Times, Akinmade Akande, who is currently a teacher of English, is the last individual to move on from the division with a top notch degree in 1997.

OAU - First time in 21 yrs, Two graduates make first class in OAU's English Department

The college on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at its 43rd joint conference service declared Arogunadade and Lawal, both of whom graduated in 2015/2016 as record breakers of the English Department.

Talking with Premium Times about her accomplishment, Lawal her experience added to her scholarly achievement.

“My daddy was extremely strict about scholastics and he continued telling his youngsters that his solitary legacy for them was a decent instruction and an insightful tyke would make great utilization of the chance,” said Ms Lawal.

“My mummy as well, all she needs is the best. She gripes when she sees 70A and she says dependably that she is certain there is somebody in the class with 80A.

“I have a ton of kin, more established and more youthful ones. I admire my older folks and attempt my best to inspire them since I realize they have their eyes on me. Also, in light of the fact that I have such a large number of more youthful kin as well, I generally take a stab at magnificence since I realize they admire me.”

Lawal additionally talked revealed to Premium Times about her life on grounds saying she encountered some troublesome occasions and furthermore needed to join her investigations with low maintenance work.

She stated, “Truly, I completed a ton of things as an undergrad. I had low maintenance work, I selected in French classes and composed French global examinations. To a limited extent 2, I turned into an individual from Nasels correspondence authority, the press outfit of the division of English.

“Bit by bit, I turned into the Assistant Managing Editor and I was the Editor in Chief when I was in my last year. I was an individual from the Nasels’ week arranging board of trustees to a limited extent 1 and 3. Likewise, secretary, review council to some degree 2. For the most part, I was dynamic and I had such a large number of different things doing separated from scholastics.

“I encountered some extremely troublesome occasions in school however I wouldn’t have any desire to call them “challenges”. As individuals say, no good thing comes simple. So I take the intense occasions experienced as a need for a more prominent achievement”.

Likewise talking about her scholastic accomplishment, Arogundade additionally said her family foundation added to her scholarly achievement.

“I experienced childhood in the family where it is trusted that instruction is a vital component to opening incalculable open doors in the outside world. That is the reason I devote the accomplishment to my family.”

The record breaker, in any case, exhorted the more youthful age not to capitulate to dissatisfactions

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