10 Things To Do Before 2018 Ends

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Last year you said would be better than the one before that, and this all of your New Years Resolutions have gone directly out the window and now you’re feeling incredibly unmotivated and unaccomplished. Have no fear, it is never too late to set some SMART goals for the rest of the year ahead.

1. Save $$$

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Next semester tuition bill coming in the fall? Really want those shoes you’ve been looking at for a while? Save $10 a week for the next 52 weeks and you’ll have yourself a good $520 by the end of it! Remember that anything counts and change adds up.

2. Take a trip

You don’t necessarily have to go far to take a trip. Never been to your local metro park? Go now. Never been out of the country? Book a flight.

3. Read 8 books

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Dust off that old library card, log into that kindle account, visit your local bookstore and pick up something new.

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