[Ladies] Watch Out For This 5 Make-up Trend This 2019

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Written by Ik Junior
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2018 has come and gone. It was dominated by make-up trends from glitters to waving eyebrows and sharp bronzer and the likes. In 2019,there are make-up trends we should ditch and these include:

1. Waving eyebrows

They are hard to pull off for an everyday look, they do not compliment any shape of face.

2. Glitters and highlighters

If you are guilty of using eye shadows as highlighters or bronzers, then you are already busted, let it go. Over highlighting your face ruins that natural glow.

3. Uneven foundation

Buy a foundation that is exactly your shade. It is not nice if your face has a different colour to your body.

4. Over-the-top nails

We are definitely ditching these nail designs in 2019. This year, we are sticking to normal looking and beautiful nails.

5. Glitters Eyeshadows

Extremely shiny and heavy eyes should be chucked out in 2019,remember less is more.

Extreme contouring

If you are not a professional makeup artist, then you should probably take a back sit when it comes to contouring. Over pointed noses and extremely sharp jaws is in no-no.

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