2 Things Kizz Daniel’s New Management Need To Do To Making Him As Big As Davido and Wizkid

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Written by Ayomide

With the kind of exceptional talent that Kizz Daniel possesses, i do not think the status that he has achieved so far in the music scene is what is deserving of his talent but that is mostly down to his own doing. His former label, G-Worldwide, have done really well in pushing Kizz to the hearts of Nigerian music fans, they have helped him commercially and also assisted him in becoming an A-list artiste in the Nigerian music scene.

But the position Kizz Daniel is currently holding in the music sphere is way below where he should be, he should be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Davido & Wizkid with the tremendous talent that he has. Though he has started to make conscious efforts towards going beyond that level he is now, and one of the moves he has made is to announce a new management for himself.

As a person who follows Kizz Daniel’s growth within the industry, here are two things i believe his new management should do to catapult Kizz Daniel to that level he ought to be.

1. Have shows of his own or Headlining a show in Nigeria

Regardless I think that its confusing that even after around five years that Kizz Daniel has solidified his place among the enormous names of the business, he hasn’t in any case featured his very own show and I genuinely think this has influenced his development to super-fame. Albeit some may contend that it additionally took Davido and Wizkid some time before they organized their own shows in Nigeria, yet with those two folks, it is very extraordinary, despite the fact that it took them some time before they arranged their own shows in Nigeria, they have featured demonstrates everywhere throughout the world. They have had demonstrates they featured in different pieces of Africa, Europe and America which is one of the reason they have solidified their place as the greatest artistes in Nigeria as well as in Africa.

Utilizing Mayorkun as a contextual analysis, Mayor came into the business in 2016, 2 years after Kizz’s development and he has proceeded to arrange 2 demonstrates as of now in Lagos, 1 in Ibadan and 2 in Abuja. He has additionally completed a UK visit, a US visit and he’s as of now getting ready for another UK visit and Canada visit. I wouldn’t figure it will be a lot to concede that Mayorkun is greater than Kizz daniel in Europe which I find absolutely crazy.

So as to have me and some other individuals who think Mayor is greater than Kizz in these specific regions, Kizz Daniel’s new administration need to set out an arrangement of getting Kizz Daniel to the dimension that merits his ability. They need to ensure that this year points a year whereby Kizz Daniel will be so occupied with visits and shows crosswise over Nigeria, Africa, Europe and America, and most particularly he should feature something like a couple of shows in this year 2019. We truly need to know whether he is genuinely genuine with the matter of music.

2. Appropriate International entrance. (Right off the bat highlighting at Davido’s O2 Arena Concert)

Making Kizz Daniel path greater than he is presently will likewise depend generally on the dimension of worldwide infiltration that he can accomplish in the year 2019. Kizz Daniel has kept up a dormant status (I am not talking monetarily) for certain years now which is truly disturbing, for an artiste with such huge ability he just shouldn’t be the place he is at the present time and it ought to be something his new administration ought to take a gander at.

Kizz has a show in the UK in April which is a splendid method for spreading his range crosswise over to the UK individuals, however there is something noteworthy I trust his new administration could accomplish for him… and that is to attempt to enter into “Davido’s 02 Arena” show which is coming up this Sunday to have the capacity to give the UK individuals a portion of the Kizz Daniel juice they have missed for quite a while, set them in that state of mind for his show in April and furthermore to enable the April to indicate sell out all around rapidly.

I comprehend there is a type of meat among himself and Davido which jumped up because of the supposed slap his previous director; Tumi, got from the OBO, yet I simply accept if pride could be gulped and polished methodology altogether embraced, he should meet Davido and ask that he wishes to perform at the 02 on Sunday which I accept so much Davido won’t turn down. Davido’s 02 show did not drop by because of presumption or all out affirmation that he will sell out yet rather it came because of the response he got from the more than forty thousand fans that turned out at the 2018 Wireless Festival that occurred in the United Kingdom. Overpowered by the staggering response from the group, Davido was pushed into selling out the 20,000 limit 02 which he considered basically however in the long run acknowledged. Presently there are reports that the show is 95% sold out and it’s 5 days away.

More than absolutely, the show will sell out.

This is the model I expect Kizz Daniel to pursue and that is the reason I have opined that he endeavors to drain each open door Davido’s 02 field show could give him, that his just on the off chance that he makes out of here it however. I accept if he’s ready to perform at the 02, he will see more the reasons why he should leave his usual range of familiarity and accomplish more visits and shows abroad.

He is more than super-fame commendable and to accomplishing that status presently depends to a great extent on his new administration. There is unquestionably more work to be done than previously.

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