Buhari, Worst President Nigeria Has Ever Had Since 1999, Polls Reveal

President Muhammadu Buhari new - Buhari, Worst President Nigeria Has Ever Had Since 1999, Polls Reveal
Written by Ayomide

Over 48,000 Nigerians on social media have voted President Muhammadu Buhari as the worst president Nigeria has ever had since the return to democracy in 1999.

SaharaReporters had organized online polls on Facebook and Twitter asking Nigerians on the social media to select their worst president the country has ever had.

Twitter had the three ex-presidents that had ruled the country; Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Musa Yar’adua and Goodluck Jonathan along with the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

On Facebook, the poll had only Olusegun Obasanjo and Muhammadu Buhari.

The poll had a total of 28,000 votes on Twitter and 49,000 votes on Facebook. The two polls unilaterally produced President Buhari as the winner with a wide margin between him and next person on the poll.

Of the 49,000 votes on SaharaReporters’ Facebook poll, President Buhari had the highest number of votes as the worst president the country has ever produced since the advent of democracy in 1999 with 29,000 votes.

On the other hand, ex-president Obasanjo had a total vote of 20,000.

Some Facebook clients gave explanations behind their vote.Ayodele Oluwafemi stated, “Who is PMB to try and contrast him and Obj in the board of superpowers? It’s such a disgraceful activity. Haba! What commitment did PMB make to Nigeria aside from take an arrangement of a dictator like him as PDTF Chairman.”Jude Ola stated, “Buhari is a fiasco to Nigeria… truth be told the significance of Buhari is neediness and misfortune… it will never be well with the ages of the individuals who force Buhari to us… I returned home a year ago for excursion, I go through fourteen day and I’m in flurry to return to another man’s property where I discovered tranquility of mind.”Iyke Eze expressed, “The thing that matters is exceptionally clear, never you contrast a disappointment with OBJ.”John Goodluck stated, “Buhari is the most noticeably terrible president that at any point happened to Nigeria, he is a dairy animals that continues censuring his folks for his disappointment in life.”Sotunde Olasile M. Samuel, “I think numerous individuals here don’t have a clue about that OBJ had the best chance to put Nigeria progressing nicely, out of narrow minded intrigue, he didn’t. Presently, he made, raised and opened the eyes of this criminals and many are expecting somebody who met undermined outlines to do ponders, hhhhmmmm, how I wish. #LetCallOnGod. #Naija.”Of the 28,000 online networking clients that casted a ballot on the Twitter survey, 68% voted in favor of President Buhari while Jonathan, his forerunner, had 22% of votes.Yar’Adua had minimal vote with just 280 votes.The breakdown of the survey demonstrated Buhari survey 19,040 votes while Jonathan got 6,160 votes.On his part, Obasanjo got 2,520 votes (9% of the votes) while Yar’Adua had just 1% of the votes.Some of the reasons given for their votes were uncertainty, failure to build up the economy.Tajudeen stated, “The reality still remains, Buhari was given a messed up nation without any methods for enduring: fallen economy; crumbled security; fallen foundation; crumbled treatment facility; acquiring to pay compensations and 23 states unfit to pay too.”N. O. J @owolabi4r stated, “I pick OBJ…..Obj began the administration in 1999 and he ought to have make things right now what is awful making June12 popular government day and a ton of things you ought to have change.I have an inquiry for him.Why did our congresspersons bring home cash so much like that.”Bolaji C. Adedayo @0110883 stated, “The Presidents are not bad…the residents are most noticeably terrible! Reason; They continue committing errors at each election… choosing criminals! Selling their votes! Permitting cabbies and silly school dropouts to control the eventual fate of their kids! In the end, a horrible pioneers comes.”Abdurrauf Ishaq @Itz_ishaq_alraf stated, “PMB pursue by Jonathan by him Obasanjo n YAR ADUA should be here cuz YAR ADUA’s organization is the best we have ever have since from autonomy to date. actually from frontier bosses to date non like UMARU #RIPMENTOR.”The Twitter survey was done thrice because of certain blunders in the inquiries.


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