20-year-old budding Nigerian music artiste, Kayode has dropped his first single, “Confessions”.

The feel-good track has the RnB singer a bit nostalgic as he reminisces on his college crush – a dark skinned beauty – who had him in his feelings during his first year.

kayode confessions

Everything began when I was 18 years of age. I experienced passionate feelings for, profoundly infatuated. I was so diverted at that young age. I was attracted into making a blood vow with my then lover.I never knew the repercussions behind such move. I was youthful, guileless and in affection. We played along. I was glad. I was anxious to settle down. At that point love wound up acrid. I attempted to walk away.I asked to be liberated yet the person cannot, so I minded my own business and began living without limit. Notwithstanding when he went out of the nation, I had such a large number of bombed connections without comprehending what was behind it.Suitors were coming, yet upon the arrival of presentation, they would drop without clarification. I trusted that numerous years for him will return. In any case, he never did. I urgently needed to begin a family, however that wasn’t inevitable.
Give a listen to ‘Confessions’ now and we’re certain that it’s gonna be on your most played playlist in no time!

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